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New rules for posting and commenting in collegemusician. Those… 
12th-Dec-2003 04:00 pm
House Divided
New rules for posting and commenting in collegemusician. Those who choose not to follow them can leave.

I'm not saying anyone did anything bad, I'm just posting some new rules. Some are common things to know when speaking to people and some are specifics.

This is a community for people who sing or for people who are majoring in music now as an undergraduate, a graduate, will major in music or have majored in music. Please don't go off on a random topic about how many songs Eminim (or however you spell his name) sang on MTV last night, please stick to college music.

Yes I know this is the internet but I'd still like us to have some leval of freedom of speach. For example, if someone posts on how many people like listening to Kathleen Battle, and you ant to say, "I think she's okay but sometimes she misses her run in the...(blah blah blah)..." that is allowed. If you want to say, "I think she's terrible for...(tell why, but you don't have to if you don't want to)..." but you CAN NOT say, "I think she sucks. If you are smart, you wouldn't like her eathier." This is giving the impression that you are calling the person who started the topic stupid. This will result in being banned. If this rule is not followed, to make a complaint email me at adele87@livejournal.com.

If someone posts saying they got into The Blah Blah Blah University/Conservatory of Music in the Blah Town (yeah, there is no such conservatory but I'm just trying to make a point) as a music major, you can say something like, "cool good job" but you can't say, "yay. we don't care." if you can't say something nice, then please don't comment.

If someone asks for advice on a musical issue or something that may deal with the future of a singer, then you can post something in a kind manner. For example, if kittyboopooh (I doubt there is such a user, again just an example) said something to the effect of, "I want to go to the Boston Conservatory, but the idea of leaving my home state makes me scared as heck and yes my family has the money but I'd miss them...(blah blah blah)..." Post kind advice, such as, "well it's normal to be scared a bit but consider points...(a, b, c, or 1, 2, 3)" please don't say, "that's stupid" please back up what you say. You won't be banned for not following the points or anything but it just makes it clearer for the reader to read, that's all.

I, as moderator promise to do these laws too because we all know for a fact I don't always do my part (but I do most of the time!), but this is a new time and place. ;-)
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