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The College Musician Community

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The College Musician
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This community is for people that will major in music during their college career, are majoring in music currently, majored in music during college, or are pursuing a graduate or post graduate degree in music. Others who are interested in collegiate music are also welcome.

Community rules:
  1. Please keep posts on topic. They should relate to the topic of collegiate music or the study of music at college. Other music topics are welcome, but please don't stray too far afield.

  2. Don't troll/post offensive nonsense. I have no interest in policing.

  3. Don't spam other communities.

  4. Put oversized images behind an lj-cut.

- trbleclef, updated 4 Nov 2005

Maintainer: trbleclef

Quondam community leadership:
Founder - adele87
Co-Founder - starshinehm