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7th-Feb-2011 09:14 pm - how to find a piano to practice?
Hello College Musicians,

Right now, I'm preparing to study music in Germany. I've only arrived here three weeks ago, and in fact I had my first class just now. I'm a vocalist, but naturally I would also need to practice piano. My fingers are quickly turning rusty, to be honest. Would anyone have a suggestion, where do I find a piano to practice with? I live in a different town from the school, and obviously I've no piano in my meager student apartment. What do you think?
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29th-Oct-2010 09:53 am - Networking Advice
I graduated from college a year ago with degrees in Music Education, Performance and Music History/Theory.  I was accepted into the US Navy Band but was medically disqualified from enlisting. I was hoping to use that to launch my performing career and do some serious networking but now thats not an option. 
I'm in the process of looking at Grad schools for performance but in the mean time I am hoping to network and get my name out there.  I have no idea where to begin. I play in theaters around long island, some pay and some don't and that for me is the ultimate goal. The man I used to study with is a regular in the pits on Broadway and I am hoping to follow suit.

Does anyone have any advice on networking?
Amélie - Times are Hard for Dreamers
I just found out Friday that I have been accepted in the MM - Music Composition program at the University of Michigan. Unfortunately, since I was waitlisted and a spot didn't open up until so late, they were not able to offer me any scholarship money.

As it turns out, out-of-state tuition for Michigan is expensive. For 36 credit hours (i.e., two years), it will cost me $70,000+. I would also need to take out money to live on during those years. So, I'd be taking out nearly $100,000 in loans.

So my question is: Is it worth it? Michigan has a very strong composition program and has a long tradition of composition, with past faculty consisting of William Albright, William Bolcom, and Leslie Bassett. It has also produced many successful composers.

My other option is the University of North Texas. For two years there, it'll cost me around $13,000 total in tuition.

Please let me know your opinions. It's a scary thing for me think about not being able to pay back these loans after I've graduated. One of my teachers suggested maybe I attend UNT for my master's and try for Michigan or another big school for my doctorate, because it'll be more likely that I'll get an assistantship as a doctoral student.
6th-Mar-2010 09:02 pm - Aural Theory Text
Sweeney Todd
I'm looking for a text (or computer software) that will help me with sight singing and aural skills.

I've had four semesters of theory and aural theory, but my skills are still severely lacking. I've been accepted to Florida State for my master's and want to prepare myself over the summer so I don't embarrass myself when I get there.

I'm going to be using the "Musician's Guide" texts to review theory, as they were co-authored by one of the theory teachers at Florida State, Dr. Jane Piper Clendinning. She also has a "Musician's Guide to Aural Skills" set, but I couldn't find any reviews online for it. I'm wary about investing in the books without knowing if they're good or not.

I was also looking at The Manual for Ear Training and Sight Singing by Gary Karpinski.

Does anyone have any information on either of these texts for aural skills or have alternative recommendations? Be aware that this will be total self-study, and I won't have a teacher to "quiz" me on anything in the books.

Thank you!
17th-Feb-2010 11:41 pm - Studying music in Germany
To study music in Germany is my goal, and I feel that coming from a developing Asian country is a disadvantage. What I have with me is a limited knowledge of music theory and I deeply regret not listening to my piano teacher when she told me to practice practice practice in the past, lol. I'm a vocalist, I prefer to sing in the classical style, and I've been told that to major in vocal, one has to minor in piano, is this true?

What is expected from a first-year music student in Germany? My teacher studied in a music university in Austria, and she told me to first go to a Musikschule (music school) until I feel ready to take the entrance exam in a music university or Hochschule. Even with that advice I'm still somewhat scared. Help me, my friends, I feel like I could do with some encouragement.
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